Religious instruction

Religious instruction

What is religious instruction at school?

In the Principality, from CE1 (10e) to CM2 (7e), pupils have an hour devoted to religious education in their timetable. Here are a few points to make about this class, which is "like no other"...

Religious instruction for all:

Religious education classes are taught by Catholic teachers chosen by the Archbishop. They are open to all children, regardless of their convictions, beliefs or religious affiliation. The classes enable children to discover and understand the lives of Christians and Bible believers, and to learn about other religions. The role of the teachers is to link human issues to religious culture.

Building yourself in today's world:

Today's world is marked by cultural and religious diversity.
For younger children (CE1), the course offers an introduction to the life of Jesus, Christians and festivals.
From CE2 onwards, the course provides objective knowledge of the Christian faith and different religions.

Developing human values:

The courses explore different ways of living, thinking and believing, and open up to others through the discovery of different cultures and eras.
Getting to know other people and their differences helps us to live better while respecting each other's beliefs and values.

Open dialogue:

Religious instruction is at the heart of a child's life. All aspects of society are covered.
The pedagogical dynamic of each session awakens curiosity and the desire to learn.
These discoveries allow the children to express themselves and exchange ideas with their classmates and teachers.

  • Religious instruction classes are not catechism classes. They are open to all pupils and contribute to their general knowledge.
  • Children wishing to prepare for baptism and first communion can contact the parishes responsible for catechism and preparation for the sacraments.
  • For children who attend parish catechism classes, the religious instruction classes at school are complementary.

A new programme in tune with society

Since 2015, teachers have been working with new books that have been completely revised to reflect today's society. Open and contemporary, the new programmes allow children to discover the Gospel of Jesus Christ through fun activities: readings, drawings, games, etc.
The lessons are punctuated by a wealth of video and multimedia content. From CE2, a website is available for fun at home:

Zou the cat, Anne and Léo :
Les aventures de Zou permet une découverte de la culture chrétienne à partir de la lecture continue de l’évangile de Luc. Les enfants suivent les péripéties de Zou, un chat malicieux et joueur qui éveille leur curiosité.

  • CE1 - Les aventures de Zou
  • CE2 - Anne et Léo : Voyageurs
  • CM1 - Anne et Léo : Explorateurs
  • CM2 - Anne et Léo : Reporters

The adventures of Anne and Léo provide an introduction to Christian culture. With the help of a DVD, children discover the reports of their mascots: Anne, Léo and the cat Zou. Pupils are encouraged to exercise their curiosity and research skills.