Absences and exemptions


If your child is going to be absent, you must let the secretariat know as soon as possible by phone at 98 98 86 83.

On their return to school, pupils must present to the secretariat a note dated and signed by their parents or legal guardian in their "carnet de liaison" (parent-teacher correspondence book), as well as a doctor’s note for any absence of more than two days.

Permission for special absences

Permission from the Director of Education, Youth and Sport must be sought at least ten days in advance for any planned special absence.

See the factsheet: "How to request permission for a special absence"

Absence from the canteen, homework assistance or childcare

In the event of a one-off absence from the canteen, homework assistance or childcare, please inform the school in writing via the "carnet de liaison" (parent-teacher correspondence book).

Exemption from sports activities

Exemption from sports activities

In the event that your child needs to be fully or partially exempted from physical and sports education, a medical certificate must be supplied following two consecutive one-time exemptions.

Download form to be completed by your doctor (French only):